Chonkers Typeface by Artreleaf

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Looking for a funky chunky font that you can stamp around with? Chonkers by Artreleaf might be the one for you! Inspired by retro 2000s block letters, this playful typeface pairs well with a wide variety of graphic imagery and typefaces with and without serifs. Having no fear to take up space with absurd thick strokes and thin diagonals, Chonkers comes one size fits all in all caps. Stand out with this bold baby and elevate your statement to new, wide heights! Pay what you want after $5!

Olivia Sy is a creative designer and illustrator in NYC who strives to communicate purpose beyond craft. Artreleaf is her personal shop that supports passion projects and concepts come to life for friends, fans, foes and fun. Thank you for supporting Artreleaf at the cost of a cup of coffee, and hope you enjoy her first published font!

For commercial licensing and other inquiries, please contact her by visiting

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OTF file and personal license

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